Success Coaching - How to make it work for you

There are many coaching programs to make you succeed. 

Some are good, some are bad (of course, there are the ugly!).

But there is a common problem with any coaching program.

Except how many success coaching programs you can join in, you still cannot succeed

The root cause of that problem is in you. Because you don’t follow or don’t know these 3 rules before joining any program out there:

First rule: Have a specific goal in mind

To get the best from any success coaching, you must know your goal first.

If you don’t know clearly what you want, a best program can become so so and its result cannot be measurable. Because, if a goal doesn't exist, how can any coaching program helps you achieving that goal? This is why you must have a goal in mind first.

In fact, your goal must be specific.

Your goal cannot be general, such as: “I want to quit smoking! I want to lose weight!...” Instead, it must be something like: “I want to quit smoking at 24th Dec this year! I want to lose 10 pounds one week before my wedding!...” Why?

Because more specific your goal is, more action-intent it brings. When you take actions more often, you will succeed with a good coaching program. Any program is just a guide, you decide its usefulness by doing it or not.

Even more, if your goal is clear and specific, then you can know what part of the coaching program work for you. That follows with the second rule.

Second rule: Take only what is best for you, and leave the rest totally

We all want to take the all the information, strategy, tips from a coaching program.

You spent your money, your time and effort on it. You want to get back as much as possible, right? Yes, but that mindset will trap you.

Have you ever feel information overload? That is when you learn a lot of good things but you don’t feel like doing a single thing. There are many good tips, what should you start doing first? When there are so many seem so good options, choosing any option is seem not so convincible.

That thought prevent actions. You end up doing nothing.

The fact is you don’t need all lessons/tips/strategies from a success coaching program to get your goal.

There are things right for you and there also are things just not for you right now (or ever). Accept that fact and try to see what is right for you. See all the tools/lessons in a coaching program like the foods in a buffet party. You take what work for you, and DO IT.

And remember leaving all the unnecessary tips/tools behind. You join a success coaching program to achieve your specific goal, not to put the entire program into your head.

When it needs to leave something, leave it. You do with what work for you only.

Third rule: Begin with a commitment to take action

A guide is useful only after you use it. If you don’t do your homework or your assignment, even a best program can only boost your motivation for a short time only. It cannot do things for you.

A coaching program gives you a blueprint to achieve your goal only. You must take actions to make the blueprint come into things.

Luckily, if you stick with the first and second rule, you will feel to take action more easily:

  • You had a specific goal 
  • You only take a few important lessons/tips from any program to work on 
  • That makes you focus on really doing what is good for your success.

So, why don’t you make the commitment to take actions before join in any success coaching program? It will guarantee your good results.

Those are 3 rules you need to know. You stick the rules. Then you can avoid that common problem with any success coaching program.

Using Success Coaching